Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Staying AWAKE Behind the Wheel

Hey, Fans.  Here at the dealership, we make your well being a huge factor.  By creating and maintaining a safe environment for you, we give you the chance to feel comfortable in coming to see us for a vehicle.  Any questions regarding vehicle maintenance and safety can be answered quickly and efficiently.  We wish we could be with you every step of the way after your purchase, but we know that most commutes occur alone.  That’s why we’ve compiled some details of staying awake behind the wheel.  We’ve all driven home tired, even when we know we shouldn’t be.  By following these rules, you can avoid turning a bad situation into a catastrophic one. 
1.    Get a Good Night’s Sleep! – Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to good driving habits.  Eight hours is the usual requirement, but almost a third of adults receive less than 6.
2.    Learn and Heed Warning Signs of Fatigue – experiencing wandering thoughts? Yawning repeatedly? Find yourself dosing off periodically?  Take a break and re-adjust yourself.
3.    Drive with a Passenger – if you can, have someone accompany you on the drive home.  That way, you can engage in conversation and avoid dosing off. 
4.    Schedule a Break – on long trips, every 2 hours or every 100 miles, take a break to stretch and catch your bearings before you continue to your destination.
Feel free to add your own tips!

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