Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Smartphone App of the Week: Driver’s Ed

We understand that it might seem peculiar that we would talk about a smartphone app called Driver’s Ed, as we want new driver’s (and experienced alike) to drive safely with their eyes focused on the road and not on the screen of a smartphone, but this app is strictly for NON-DRIVING USE.  And quite frankly, it’s an awesome way to learn the ways of the road…off-road, of course.

As parents, friends, and colleagues we instill the fundamentals of driving: look back when you reverse, buckle your seatbelt, etc…this smartphone app is a study guide for individuals preparing to take the permit test for their license.  The app is currently FREE and brought to you by a leader in online drivers education with full-featured study companions and quizzes from a database of more than 350 questions. 

The app records your results so that you can track your progress and review incorrect answers.  Get to know the material by taking tests and perfecting your driving skills before you take the real thing. 

Flash cards are also an added feature that allows test takers to study the material fairly quickly.  Driver’s Ed even lets you download your state’s specific Driver Manual so you can study on the go.  Driver’s Ed is a great app for studying for the permit exam because there’s nothing like having another safe driver on the road. 

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